“What Iris Chang did for our understanding of the Rape of Nanking, James M. Scott

has now done for the Battle of Manila.”  

                                                 — Hampton Sides, author of Ghost Soldiers


Named a Best Book of 2018

     - by the editors at Amazon, Kirkus, and Military Times

American General Douglas MacArthur, driven from the Philippines under the cover of darkness at the beginning of World War II, famously vowed to return. This is the untold story of his homecoming.

The twenty-nine day battle to retake Manila resulted in the catastrophic destruction of the city and a rampage by Japanese soldiers and marines that terrorized the civilian population. Landmarks were demolished, houses torched, suspected resistance fighters were tortured and killed, countless women raped, and their husbands and children murdered. An estimated 100,000 civilians were slain in a massacre as heinous as "The Rape of Nanking."

Based on extensive research in the Philippines and the United States, war crimes testimony, after action reports, and survivor interviews, Rampage recounts one of the most heartbreaking chapters of the Pacific war.

James M. Scott is a Pulitzer Prize finalist and the author of several critically acclaimed books of military history.